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ALBION • From its many windows, the Mount Harrison fire lookout gives spectators a 360-degree view that can stretch 100 miles.

The current lookout was built in the early 1970s, but references to a lookout station on Mount Harrison stretch back more than 70 years, said David Ashby, recreation manager for the U.S. Forest Service.

“There has been a fire lookout on Mount Harrison ever since there was a road,” Ashby said.

A retired sheriff’s deputy staffs the station on weekends only from early July through September. Visitors are welcome when staff is on duty.

On the top floor in the center of the room is a fire finder, or big compass, that allows staff to call in the location of any wildfires they spot, Ashby said.

Most wildfires nowadays are reported first by citizens using cell phones.

The lookout is very popular and can receive a couple of hundred visitors a weekend, he said.

An interpretive sign near the lookout tells about a bomber that crashed there during World War II.

“When the water in Horse Thief Lake gets low, you can see a couple of wheels,” Ashby said.

Visitors also can see Christ’s Indian paintbrush, a very rare, pale yellow wildflower that grows only on the mountain. And they can watch hang gliders take off from the mountain’s edge.

“It’s pretty unusual to have a peak at almost 9.300 feet with a paved road that you can drive the family car up,” Ashby said.

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