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Dan Bellamy, owner, Bellamy Jewelers Inc., 905 Carroll St., Perry; 987-1392

How long have you been in business?: Bellamy has owned the business four years. He was a quality assurance manager for a recreational vehicle retailer and “when the crash occurred in ‘08, the recession killed luxury RV sales.”

The company was forced to downsize, and Bellamy was let go.

Bellamy approached his friend, jeweler David Overton, with an offer to work three months for free while Bellamy learned jewelry repair.

After three months, “he hired me and finished training me to do jewelry repair.”

Four and half years ago, Overton retired and Bellamy decided to rent the building. “At the time my primary focus was jewelry repair and buying scrap gold. … I have slowly built inventory ever since and built a small, thriving retail business in addition to the repair work. Jewelry repair has been the mainstay. As the economy has shown some signs of recovery, the retail sector and luxury goods has improved.”

What do you like best about your job?: “The satisfaction of a job well done. The challenge of repairing and doing restoration work on jewelry. It’s almost like getting paid to solve a puzzle.”

What is your specialty?: “Jewelry repair is the mainstay of the business, … and we also do basic watch repair on primarily quartz watches. Offering those two services it draws customers from miles.”

What are your future plans?: “For the next 10 years we are going to be slowly building inventory until I offer a full range of jewelry that’s traditional for a mom and pop, brick-and-mortar jewelry store.”

— Linda S. Morris

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