Father Reunites With Child’s Urn After It Was Saved From Destruction

January 1, 2015 Posted by admin

A discovery in a car about to be scrapped, inspires an all out search for parents missing something unbelievably precious.

“This is something that shouldn’t have gone to trash,” said Katie Wallace.  It was a little gold box, almost overlooked at a scrap yard.

“We were processing cars, writing VIN numbers down and I happened to notice it sitting on the dash,”  said Seth Hutchison.  “I just couldn’t believe it, I was shocked something, I never wanted to find.”   

A little girl’s name, Jeanette Byrd, etched on the front and two dates, her birth and her death.  Seth Hutchison knew her ashes were inside.  He also found pictures and mementos scattered throughout the car.

“I couldn’t crush it, there’s no way,”  said Hutchison.  A father himself, Hutchison knew someone was missing something precious.

“I posted the story, the picture, that we had found this baby’s urn,”  explained Wallace.  That post by Hutchison’s fiance, reached Angela Jeffers.

“Something in my stomach told me I have to find this baby’s parents,”  said Jeffers.

And she did.

“It was a serious blessing, I thought I had lost my daughter forever,”  said Sanford Byrd.  His daughter died from SIDS at five months old.  “It’s been a real rough journey, we take it everywhere we go.”

The urn was in his girlfriend’s car when she got in an accident.

“At the time, she didn’t have her license, so they impounded the car,” said Byrd.  “They wouldn’t allow her to get the baby, said that was property of the car.”

Hutchison and Wallace felt the same way.  “I sat on my couch and I prayed and I cried with that baby to help me find her parents,”  said Wallace.

“This is the way to start off 2015, it’s a blessing,” said Byrd. “I’m full of joy, I’m so happy that it hurts.”

Article source: http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/2014/12/31/columbus-ohio-couple-reunited-with-childs-urn-after-it-was-saved-from-destruction.html

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