Sell Scrap Gold

For scrap gold there are really only two places you can sell to: gold refiners and gold dealers. Gold dealers are the middlemen that will buy your gold and sell it to the refiners. Often times they are not the best choice as many refiners will let you sell to them directly. If you do this you don’t have to pay the middleman fee and can get a better price for your gold.Whether you are sending your gold to official online buyers or trying to sell to local jewlers, there are a slew of options available to those eager to sell. Just keep in mind that the prices that buyers want to give you a wide range.

Scrap gold refiners are those companies that you see in the commercials offering to buy your unwanted gold jewelry and scrap for cash. You can find refineries all over the place if you know what to look for. One of the easiest places to find gold refiners is online. We offer many reviews of cash for gold companies right here on the site.  You can also try your local yellow pages to see if there are any local gold refiners in your area. If you’re not happy with an offer you get from one of these online gold refiners you can always request that they send it all back and you can try another refiner.

An additional strategy to sell old jewelry would be to use an on the internet gold buyer. Making use of an on the web gold buyer is the quickest and easiest approach to sell gold just be sure you use a reputable dealer that has a great track record. There’s a quite huge distinction within the amount of payout between diverse on the internet gold buyers. It is best to deal with a organization soon after you have seen some actual proof that they do what they claim to do. Yet another crucial item to check are for any gems that could be contained within your jewelry. If they are of value, then you must consider having them removed. They can then be reused in a custom piece of jewelry that you simply might order inside the future, or you are able to sell them separately. No matter how many pieces of jewelry you might have, essentially the most crucial issue to know, is which type of karat each and every piece contains. The most common karats of gold are 10, 14, and 24. Once you find a piece that’s 24 karat gold, you might be in fact holding pure gold with no impurities. As your karat goes down, the quantity of pure gold also goes down which makes it much less useful.

The important thing to remember is to only deal with reputable and established companies. This becomes even more obvious with those companies that you must deal with by mail. Many reputable companies like Empire Gold Buyers will have a gold calculator on their websites so you will know in advance the amount that you are likely to receive and, more importantly, the best gold buying companies will offer a price guarantee. Following this advice can help you avoid falling for predatory companies and websites. The Better Business Bureau offers reviews and complaints of known buyers so it would be a good idea to check their website before proceeding with your sale.

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