Two Beverly Hills Homes for $23 Million

February 24, 2015 Posted by admin

An aerial view of the Beverly Hills, Calif., property

Two modern homes designed around more than 100 oak trees in Beverly Hills, Calif., will list for $23 million, according to the listing agent.

The main home, a roughly 7,600-square-foot concrete and glass house, was just completed and has never been lived in. Nearby, the second home, an approximately 2,700-square-foot barn-inspired structure, was completed in early 2013. While technically on two lots, the houses are close in proximity and are only being offered together.

The owner,

Nathan Frankel,

the 41-year-old owner of a scrap-metal company in Fontana, Calif., bought the 3½-acre property for $1.95 million in 2010, according to public records. The property was once owned by the late

Bert Schneider,

who produced the anti-war film “Hearts and Minds” and counterculture classic “Easy Rider,” according to records.

A view of the pools and exterior

The larger house, a four-bedroom, five-bathroom home built on a ridge with canyon views, has a 75-foot-long lap pool that overflows into a second pool below. A large oak tree, which Mr. Frankel said was used as a focal point for the property, hangs over the water. There is an herb garden on the roof and an open-air courtyard with sliding glass walls that forms the center of the lower-level living space. A 920-bottle wine-cellar with a glass wall frames the living space downstairs.

A dining area and fireplace

Mr. Frankel, who is also an amateur violinist, built the smaller home as his primary home as well as a space to host charity music events. He decided to build the larger home for resale. He said he is selling because, as a bachelor, the combined space of the two homes is too large for him. He plans to rent in the area before building a new home for himself.

Gary Gold

with Hilton Hyland has the listing.

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