What Would You Put in a Boston Time Capsule?

September 13, 2014 Posted by admin

Old State House/ Shutterstock image via Tupungato

On Sunday September 14, the emblematic statues of a lion and unicorn sitting majestically on Boston’s Old State House will be lowered as part of a a massive restoration effort courtesy of the Bostonian Society, which maintains the building and operates the library and museum inside. According to local lore, a time capsule was sealed in the head of the lion 113 years ago and if it’s real, will be cracked open and eventually replaced with a contemporary one.

At 8 a.m. on Sunday morning Commodore Builders, which was hired to improve the masonry and woodwork along the building’s western front as well as the east balcony from which the Declaration of Independence was first relayed to the Boston public, will lower the sculptures.

The Bostonian Society notes that “Skylight conservator Robert Shure will meticulously examine the lion and unicorn, make any necessary repairs, and then resurface each of them with palladium leaf (a form of platinum, for the unicorn) and gold leaf (for the lion).”

The lion and unicorn, which were originally installed on the building prior to the American Revolution as a symbol of the unification of England and Scotland under James I, were torn down from the building upon achieving independence. The Bostonian Society was formed in 1881 to preserve the oldest surviving public building in Boston, which eventually included reinstating the lion and unicorn statues.

The current statues were installed in 1901 and the Bostonian Society cites newspaper articles from that year as the basis for the time capsule’s existence.

Now, to give future Bostonians a taste of what life is like in the 21st century, the Bostonian Society is soliciting ideas from you as to what should be placed in latest time capsule.

Tweet your best ideas using the hashtag #LionAndUnicorn, or email the Bostonian Society with suggestions.

Me? I’m thinking there ought to be a selfie of Mayor Marty Walsh, former mayor Tom Menino’s glasses, a printed BostInno article, an unopened can of Harpoon IPA, and a menu from Smoken Joe’s BBQ Blues, which sadly announced it’s closing its doors for good.

As for the rest of BostInno? Well, let’s just say they’ve got a rather tipsy take on present-day life:

Galen Moore, Editor in Chief: “A Market Basket Circular, a Roomba, and a Boston Scientific defibrillator.”

Alex Weaver, Managing Editor: “an iPhone 5S, a Cronut, a pic of City Hall.” (woof, to the last one).

Caroline Earle, Staff Writer – Health Fitness: “A Shake Weight, an iPhone (and charger), a bottle of Trader Joe’s 2-buck Chuck.”

Nate Boroyan, Staff Writer – City News: “A Mookie Betts Lowell Spinners Rookie Card, a Dunkin’ Donuts receipt, and, of course, an UberDriver app login name and password written on a piece of scrap paper in fine black ink.

“P.s. A few Hong Kong bucks.”

Hilary Milnes, Staff Writer – Lifestyle: “An artifact from Tom and Gisele’s Chestnut Hill mansion construction site, a Dunkin’ Donut, and this photo:”

Marian White, Staff Writer – Lifestyle: “A Charlie Card with Money on it would be nice…”

Hayden Bird, Staff Writer – Sports: “A Bill Belichick hoodie, a Boston parking ticket, Pretzel Crisps, and a Dunkin’ toasted bagel that inexplicably doesn’t have the cream cheese on it like you requested.”

Taylor Bellefeuille, National Sales Director: “Something from the new McBrunch menu, obvi.”

Nicole Niss, Account Executive: “An Angry Orchard Cider, a picture of Fenway Park at night, a Bruins hockey puck.”

Ashley McDade, Account Executive: “A flash drive with my “desert island” playlist on it and a letter of the current state of the world and what I think is going to happen in the future (maybe they’ll think I’m an oracle from the past!).”

We also put the call out to the Twittersphere and garnered some, well, interesting, results:

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